This just in: BHS upgrades to stages

Secure Global Solutions (SGS) just announced the installation of new alarm call monitoring software at Brinks Home Security Holdings, Inc. The software platform is called stages and is designed to improve speed of access to customer data by operators monitoring alarm signals. Approximately 1.3 million alarm accounts have been transferred to stages. I spoke with SGS senior vice president Hank Goldberg who assured me that stages would revolutionize the industry with its ease of use and interoperability. “The fundamental issues are, number one, it’s an advanced application that’s browser based. Which means that there’s only one application to maintain,” Goldberg said. “Most of the applications that have grown up in the industry are actually pieced together little bits of application and are difficult to maintain. So we have a much lower cost, which we reflect in a much lower price.” Goldberg would not go into specifics of pricing, but said that stages is “extremely cost-effective, not only to purchase but to maintain.” Despite the lower cost of ownership and maintenance, Goldberg insists that stages is not just another piece of software, but is instead a powerful new tool, allowing all user types to interact with one easy to use, Windows-like application. “It is exceptionally high-performance," Goldberg said. Look for the full story of stages' take off in the January issue of Security Systems News


Just an FYI--Brinks is now called Broadview Home Security.

I really appreciate this comment here. Of course, at the time I posted this blog entry (in 2008) no one had yet heard of Broadview Security. The name change didn't happen until the beginning of this past summer. My colleague <a href="" rel="nofollow">Martha</a> covered that announcement <a href=";id=ss200906l5... rel="nofollow">here</a>.