LifeShield targets B&B security market


What’s popular? What’s new? LifeShield Security seems to pay close attention to what’s hot in popular culture and leverage that to promote itself. LifeShield is a wireless digital home security system that’s self-installed and professionally monitored.

I blogged about a couple examples of this earlier this year. In 2010, LifeShield, based in Yardley, Pa., announced that it had brought on NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino as an investor and to help market its product on TV. Then, in January, the company announced it had added John Timoney—“America’s Top Cop”—as an advisor to help the company and customers protect against burglars with the aid of Timoney's inside knowledge of criminals’ minds.

Now, LifeShield's latest venture is to piggyback on the popularity of Airbnb, an Internet "bed-and-breakfast" service though which people can rent rooms or homes for vacations or other short-term stays from private home and apartment owners. LifeShield is offering a free home security camera promotion to Airbnb landlords.

The three-year-old Airbnb is tremendously popular and has experienced rapid growth. But it received a lot of negative press this summer after two separate claims that renters had heavily vandalized places they rented. Now, according to news reports, Airbnb is offering such safeguards as $50,000 in property insurance for landlords.

At the same time, LifeShield announced Aug. 11 that it will give free home security cameras to Airbnb users to help prevent renter theft and damage to residences.
The first 5,000 Airbnb users to call 877-874-4640 will get the cameras. The company also said it will give away free home security cameras to Airbnb users who sign up for LifeShield’s home security monitoring service.

Here’s more from the press release:

LifeShield’s next generation home security system offers sophisticated encrypted wireless technology that allows for easy set-up, a significantly lower up front cost and free, customizable monitoring options. The free wireless HomeView Camera will allow Airbnb users to view snapshots or video clips via the web or mobile phone. Users can also program specific triggers to take snapshots or even store images online to view later.

“LifeShield helps to safeguard a home on the inside as well as from outside intruders – which is critical for any type of landlord. Airbnb provides an outstanding and valuable service to its users, and LifeShield is a great complement to it – the ability for users to protect their most valuable assets,” said Mike Hagan, CEO, LifeShield. “Airbnb users need to prepare themselves in case they get one of those few bad apples who might temporarily rent their home but who have no real respect for the property itself or the personal items within it. A text message can be sent any time an off-limits cabinet or door is opened – so they can know the exact moment their agreement with that renter has been compromised. For instance, if a tenant has an unauthorized party with 100 people, they’ll know about it in real time – and can retrieve the camera snapshots or video clips of party guests for proof.”