SSN tells you how to increase value by enhancing with video--for FREE

untitled-1 The webcast is now available on-demand. If you couldn't attend it live, check it out now. Security Systems News will be conducting a free webcast on this hot new topic on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. I've been writing a lot of stories about enhanced alarms lately, and this webcast is your chance to find out what all the buzz is about from some of the experts in the emerging field. The webcast will be moderated by SSN/SDN executive editor and heck-of-a-nice guy Sam Pfeifle and will include contributions from Sandy Jones, president of security industry resource and consulting firm Sandra Jones & Company, Keith Jentoft, president of RSI Video Technologies and a veritable zealot for the enhanced alarm movement, Tony Wilson, president of CMS monitoring, and Rob Lucas, president of security company All Secure. From a recent SSN release:
Enhanced Video Alarm Systems are creating significant value for the companies that sell them. Hear new research that highlights the value of Enhanced Video Alarm Systems. Through reduced attrition, reduced operating costs, incremental RMR, increased cash flow, and greater account value, Enhanced Video Alarm Systems are proving to be a solid investment for your company. Sign up for this FREE webcast and discover: * How to calculate the increased value of your company when using Enhanced Video Alarms. * How 'Priority Response' is a productive alternative to non-response and increasing fines. * What you need to consider when adopting Enhanced Video Alarms. * And more! Watch this LIVE event from your computer, for FREE! Thursday, April 22, 2010 – 1PM EST Register Now
As I said before, verification of alarms is one of the hottest topics at SSN. Here’s some of what people are reading: “If You’re Not Offering Verified Alarms, Are You Missing the Boat?” “Emza, Bold Team for WiseEye Monitoring” “RSI Brings Verification to Mace CSS” “Amcest Launches Dealer Program with CheckVideo” Sign up for this free webcast today and learn how to start adding value to your business.


Will this be available after-the-fact for those who can't attend?

Hey Leah,

To be honest, I'm not certain, but I believe it will be. I will find out and follow up ASAP.

Hey Leah,

The Enhanced Video Alarms webcast will be available on demand for 90 days after the live run.

Thanks for the comment.

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I also could not attend but am interested in watching. I looked around on your site but perhaps it's not posted yet...please let us know when it is--thanks!

Hey Kristen,

It's not posted yet. Should be up some time today, but Monday morning at the absolute latest. I'll tweet a notice when it's available. My Twitter handle is SSN_Dan. Watch for it.

Thanks for your input.