'Top Cop' joins Hall of Famer at LifeShield


Football, law enforcement and home security? They all connect at LifeShield Security.

First, LifeShield announced this past summer that it had brought on NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino as an investor and to help market its product in television commercials. Now, the company announced last week, it has added John Timoney—“America’s Top Cop”—as an advisor to help the company and customers protect against burglars with the aid of Timoney's inside knowledge of criminals’ minds.

Timoney won the “Top Cop” appellation from Esquire Magazine in 2000, and had led police departments in several of the nation’s largest cities, according to the Yardley, Pa.-based LifeShield. He was chief of the Miami Police Department from 2003-2010, formerly was commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department, and also served as the police chief and first deputy police commissioner in New York City, the company said.

Now, Timoney will be chairman of the LifeShield Law Enforcement Advisory Council, and use what the company called his “legal insider information” on fighting crime to help guide product development and educate management and LifeShield customers on how burglars target residences, according to LifeShield, which formerly was InGrid Home Security.

LifeShield is a wireless digital home security system that’s self-installed and professionally monitored.

The company said Timoney was already a LifeShield customer before his appointment.

“I wouldn't support anything if I didn't believe in it, and I wouldn't believe in anything until I've examined it, and I've examined the LifeShield system. I know the people involved in the company, and I use it, so I know the systems are very good,” Timoney said in a statement.

Mike Hagan, CEO of LifeShield, issued a statement saying: “Timoney is precisely the kind of tough-on-crime person we want advising us—and our customers … LifeShield now has a seasoned, nationally-renowned, career police officer helping us and our customers to truly understand the criminal mind which in turn, helps us to improve our product offering and ultimately, the safety of our customers.”