How to Hire a Sales Superstar

Winning Sales Strategies Series: Webcast 3

Thursday, October 23 at 2pm ET

Proven method for hiring better salespeople

Did you know?

·      Traditional interviewing techniques are only 14% accurate, while 90% of hiring decisions are made from the interview

Advanced solutions for fire, smoke and oil mist detection using video analytics

Tuesday, September 23rd at 1:00pm ET

Join this webcast to understand the concepts of video analytics and how systems can be integrated in listed and non-listed applications. We’ll decipher video image detection technology and explain how video analytics can be applied in different environments. 

Topics include:

Applying Smart Video to Harness Big Data

Tuesday, August 5 • 1 pm ET

The rise in the volume and detail of information captured by enterprise business systems, social media and the Internet of Things has left enterprises with a glut of data that they don’t know how to use.

Sales Manager vs. Salespeople: Understanding Their DNA Differences

Winning Sales Strategies Series: Webcast 2

Thursday, July 10 – 2pm ET

Have you ever promoted a sales superstar to manager and been disappointed? Not all great salespeople are cut out for management.

Take part in this webcast to avoid making this mistake and learn:

·      Why can’t the same person be good at both?

Upgrade Your Sales Force

Winning Sales Strategies Series: Webcast 1

Does your sales team need an upgrade?
Give them the right stuff to take your company to the next level!

This webcast will cover:

·      5 invisible weaknesses that create negative manifestations in sales

·      Why some of your staff sells on price

Safe City: Security, safety and awareness through technology

Help your customers secure their cities

With tragic events such as the Boston Marathon bombing, the value of video surveillance is now recognized by both security professionals and the public. Access to highly optimized video reaffirms the vital role advanced surveillance systems play in keeping our cities and citizens safe.

Multifactor Authentication & Next Gen Security

On Demand

A simple look at the evening news highlights the dire consequences of an enterprise security breach—whether it is losses from a heist after a building has been penetrated with a replicated access card, or the tragic results of an active shooter accessing protected premises using an employee badg