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  • Rebecca Bayne

    Rebecca Bayne

    Founder, BCSI

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  • Pierre Bourgeix

    Pierre Bourgeix


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  • Don Erickson

    Don Erickson

    CEO, Security Industry Association

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  • Janet Fenner

    Janet Fenner

    President, Defined Agency

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  • Kasia Hanson

    Kasia Hanson

    Global Director, Edge AI Sales – Safety & Security, Intel Corp.

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  • Jim Henry

    Jim Henry

    Independent Consultant

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  • Antoinette King

    Antoinette King

    Founder, Credo Cyber Consulting LLC

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  • Min Kyriannis

    Min Kyriannis

    CEO, Amyna Systems

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  • Billy Langenstein

    Billy Langenstein

    Director Security Services and Investigation, National Football League (NFL)

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  • Andrew Lanning

    Andrew Lanning

    Integrated Security Technologies (IST)

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  • Christine Lanning

    Christine Lanning

    President, Integrated Security Technologies Inc.

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  • Elisa Mula

    Elisa Mula

    Founder of EM Designs (EMD) and Moms in Security Global Outreach (MISGO)

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  • Chris Peckham

    Chris Peckham

    Director of Operations, Ollivier Corp.

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  • Steve Van Till

    Steve Van Till

    President and CEO, Brivo Inc.

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