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'20 under 40' Class of 2018—Vince DiGennaro

'20 under 40' Class of 2018—Vince DiGennaro

Vince DiGennaro, 25

Manager, event security operations, Cleveland Indians

Cleveland, Ohio

As the Cleveland Indians' event security operations manager, no two days are the same at the ballpark for Vince DiGennaro, as he oversees all of the safety and security operations for events at Progressive Field.

“We provide safety and security operations for game day, so that includes a staff of more than 225 that performs screening operations, incident response, and conflict de-escalation at the ballpark,” he explained, noting that the ballpark also hosts concerts, youth camps, as well as special events like the MLB All Star Game in 2019.

DiGennaro also has oversight for event medical teams, as the ballpark runs a full triage center for every single game with paramedics and nurses, and multiple ambulances that transport patients if needed. “I assist with our police deployments as well, so working in tandem with our security team, our police officers here at the ballpark to provide that extra layer of protection and ensure that our coverage is appropriate for every single game or event.”

He also oversees the explosives detection program, high ground threat vulnerability analysis, and other mitigation tactics. “We regularly monitor intelligence and have relationships with our local, state and federal public safety partners,” he said. “I work to coordinate our operation for our games based on our current threat level, work within the organization to make sure that we are covered on all ends of the security spectrum, and ensure that we are up to date on training on all frontline staff and preparedness strategies for game day.”

In addition, he continues to contribute on many of the ballpark's security projects, as related to surveillance, access control, credentials, and staffing optimization. He also helped to bring greater awareness for the need for vehicle barriers around the park, and leverages social media monitoring and real-time analytics to bring greater situational awareness and readiness to the ballpark.


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