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40 under 40: Megan Hubbard, Alarm Capital Alliance

40 under 40: Megan Hubbard, Alarm Capital Alliance

Megan Hubbard, 33, excels in her dual role as Dealer Relations and Compliance Manager at Alarm Capital Alliance (ACA), and she loves every aspect of it.

“In this role, I serve as a liaison between our dealer partners and ACA’s internal teams to ensure successful relationships, and to facilitate communication standards,” she told Security Systems News. “I also oversee the entire permitting process for our nationwide customer base, researching regulations, and adhering to ordinance and enforcement changes. This work is personally meaningful as in some cases it directly helps ensure that our customers will receive emergency dispatch services in the event of an alarm activation.”  

Hubbard has been at ACA for almost 15 years, starting at the Newtown Square, Pa.-based company in the summer of 2006. She explained that she got into the security industry by chance.

“I started at the company in our Records department as a temporary, part-time employee after my first year of college, and I had no knowledge about security systems whatsoever!” she said. “Luckily, I was offered a permanent position after that summer, and as I had opportunities to work in other departments over the years, it led to greater interest in the different facets of the business and an appreciation for the passion of the people working around me.

“It isn’t hard to want to work in an industry where the mission is simple, but also so rewarding; keeping people and the places that matter to them most protected. On a personal level, it has been inspiring to work around so many strong and accomplished women at ACA, who are truly leaders in the industry.”

Keys to Success

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its second year, Hubbard outlined a few keys to success during these challenging times, both on a personal and professional level. 

“There are many challenges that come with this fluctuating environment, as an end user’s perception and engagement with their current product solutions has likely changed to some degree,” she noted. “Reminding a customer of the value of their system is key. Resilience and adaptability, both professionally and personally, are essential. Communication is the driver.  Now more than ever, soliciting feedback from customers – both existing and prospective – serves as the foundation to understanding the unique type of security solution they need.”

Industry Views

Hubbard pointed out that technology remains a “driving force” in the security industry. “There will continue to be new innovation to meet shifting demands as the workforce has irrevocably been altered,” she explained. “People will likely continue working from home in some capacity into the foreseeable future.”

She cited smart home automation technology as one of the top trends in the security industry today. “It will only continue to evolve as new innovations emerge in integration, AI [artificial intelligence] and even robotics,” Hubbard said.

Recruitment Based on Skills

Getting more talented and diverse young people involved in the security industry may not necessarily mean that they must have industry experience from the get-go, according to Hubbard. 

“Recruiting [should be] based on skills and not necessarily industry experience,” she said. “My direct team members, who have been with the company for years, do not have a background in security. I think it’s also safe to say that many of us never envisioned ourselves in the roles we are now.”  

Hubbard noted that her background in communications and business has allowed her to serve her customers well in her dual role at ACA.

“Leveraging my communications and business background has allowed me to serve our dealers and customers well and allowed me to effectively collaborate on cross-functional projects where I may not be the subject matter expert,” she noted. “The security industry is always evolving, and with that comes endless opportunities for professional growth if companies remain innovative.”  


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