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40 under 40: Sarah Goldstein, vice president of partner services, Alarm Connections

40 under 40: Sarah Goldstein, vice president of partner services, Alarm Connections

40 under 40: Sarah Goldstein, vice president of partner services, Alarm Connections

YARMOUTH, Maine—Sarah Goldstein, 40, is vice president of partner services at Alarm Connections, a West Chester, Pa.-based curated network of experienced locally owned and operated alarm service companies that delivers “superior services” to its customers, according to the company. Find out what inspired her to pursue a career in the security industry, what being a "40 under 40" winner means to her, what appeals to her about the security industry, and more. 

SSN: Describe your roles, duties, and tenure at your current job. 

Sarah GoldsteinGOLDSTEIN: I began my career at Alarm Connections in accounts receivable. I have dabbled in customer service, service, and A/P before creating my current department, Partner Services. I began as the only member in the department and now oversee 16 employees. The department now consists of relationship support teams, invoicing team, and project management. My team is the direct liaison with our expanding 225-member partner network. I assist in preparations of key P&L projects including but not limited to increasing our current EBITDA. I am currently a leadership member who assists with developing processes, decreasing attrition, expediting growth, and lowering creation multiples.

SSN: What inspired you to pursue a career in the security industry?

GOLDSTEIN: I stumbled upon this industry by accident. I was working as a personal trainer at a local gym, fresh out of college, when my previous CEO was working out and offered me a job. I graduated with a teaching degree and planned to pursue teaching, and working at Alarm Connections would be temporary. I ended up moving to Arizona to teach health and physical education after a year of being with Alarm Connections. I found out the school I was teaching at was closing, moved home, my previous CEO reached back out to me to come back, and the rest is history!

SSN: What does being named a winner of SSN's 40 under 40 mean to you?

GOLDSTEIN: I was actually in Disney World when another winner reached out to me and congratulated me. I wasn't aware I even won and was honored to be a part of this award. I feel blessed to be amongst this talented group of people, and happy that I just made the cutoff!

SSN: As a young leader, what appeals to you about the security industry?

GOLDSTEIN: There are so many different avenues within the security industry. Suppliers, central stations, acquisition firms, alarm companies, brokers, and the list goes on. You never stop learning and the technology is always changing. We are making life easier and saving lives at the same time. I do not know too many industries that can say that.

SSN: With the hiring, recruitment and retention challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, how can the security industry engage young talent?

GOLDSTEIN: Culture. Our company has done a full 180 when it comes to our employees. We value their dedication and ideas. This industry is constantly changing and evolving, so we need to stay up with it. Provide your employees with training, educate them, listen to them, see their talent, and utilize them in the best way possible. Don't put a square peg in a round hole, as leaders you need to see the bigger picture and put people where they should be. Celebrate your staff, make them family. Be flexible, be respectful, do not forget where you started. Remember that you are not the smartest one in the room, let your staff teach you as much as you teach them.



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