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Aiphone launches GT-1C7W multi-tenant station

Aiphone launches GT-1C7W multi-tenant station

REDMOND, Wash. –Aiphone has announced the new GT-1C7W app enabled dual audio and video tenant station that offers on-the-go tenants a convenient method of screening visitors while away.

The station is the latest installment in Aiphones GT Series analog multi-tenant video intercom systems. It’s addition Aiphone says is part of efforts to meet security industry trends towards mobile access solutions. With GT-1C7W tenants can manage visitors and deliveries from any location without requiring their being on-premises thanks to its abundance of mobile features and compatibility with more than 500 tenant stations.

“Not only do mobile app integrations offer the ability to answer a door from virtually anywhere, but they introduce an added layer of security for tenants,” said Brad Kamcheff, Marketing Manager at Aiphone. “Audio and video transmission to the mobile device allows the tenant to be able to see the video and hear the voice of the visitor so that they can confirm the person at the door is who they say they are.” 

More about the Aiphone GT-1C7W and GT Series intercoms can be found at


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