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Alcatraz AI streamlines process with Mobile Enrollment and Privacy Consent Management

Alcatraz AI streamlines process with Mobile Enrollment and Privacy Consent Management

Alcatraz AI streamlines process with Mobile Enrollment and Privacy Consent Management

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Alcatraz AI is making a pair of additions to its flagship facial authentication program, the Rock, in order to ease the process of enrollment.

On February 21 the company announced their platform would be receiving web-based Mobile Enrollment and biometric Privacy Consent Management. With it Alcatraz AI says that organizations can reduce the friction from the access control registration process by enabling more secure mass and individual enrollment. Employees (new or old) and visitors can enroll from anywhere in a matter of seconds with their own mobile devices. Users can also choose to opt out of use of their biometric facial data with the Privacy Consent Manager.

“Alcatraz AI is transforming the way people enter buildings and secure areas by making access frictionless and more secure, while also protecting user privacy,” said Tina D’Agostin, CEO of Alcatraz AI. “Two of the biggest challenges to adoption of facial biometrics in the enterprise has been the burden of enrollment and the concern over privacy. With Privacy Consent Management we have created a simple opt-in process which allows our customers to communicate clearly with end users the benefits of facial authentication and how their personal data will be used and managed. Alcatraz AI Mobile Enrollment with Privacy Consent Management reduces the cost and complexity of the entire process and protects privacy by enabling corporate compliance with privacy laws and regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Illinois Biometric Information Protection Act (BIPA), and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA); and, ultimately creates a more secure environment.”

For most companies, the onboarding process can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes to complete, that can mean hours of lost productivity for larger businesses inducting dozens of new employees. “Alcatraz AI took an already simple enrollment process and made it even easier,” said Brian Courduff, Senior Director of Access and Video for JCI Security Products/Software House. “Integrators often get tied up in burdensome enrollment and re-enrollment processes that have been exacerbated by evolving back-to-work and hybrid work environments. Security teams need solutions that simplify the administration of the systems they rely on so that they can focus on continuously improving their security posture while also reducing the friction on the people they are protecting.”

Thanks to Alcatraz AI Privacy Consent Manager companies can send their privacy policies and consent forms straight to employees and give them the choice to opt-in or out of the use of their biometric data and know how their data is used and protected. The Rock platform also has a range of tools configurable to help in reaching compliance while navigating the murky patchwork of laws and regulations that govern the collection and use of biometric data. Some of the tools include non-access user management, real-time event log monitoring, customizable data retention schedules, and hard data deletes.

Mobile Enrollment and Privacy Consent Management will be generally available to users in the second quarter Alcatraz AI said and will be showcased this year during ISC-West. For more information, please visit


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