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Alcatraz releases new features, unveils new website

Alcatraz releases new features, unveils new website

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—Alcatraz, developer of secure touchless access control products, has released the Rock 3D facial authentication with new features that include tailgating and mask detection to help companies comply with increasing statewide mask mandates. In conjunction with the new product release, Alcatraz has unveiled a new website that offers the latest information on their solutions. 

“The latest features we’ve added to the Alcatraz Rock make it possible for businesses to replace badging as an access point identification method with facial authentication while at the same time elevate their overall security solution to address the ever-increasing demands of not only access control but compliance in the post-COVID era,” Vince, Gaydarzhiev, Alcatrac CEO and founder, said in the announcement. 

The Rock distinguishes an authorized user from an unauthorized use as they approach an access point or door together, and can be set to immediately alert upon attempt at unauthorized access.

“By delivering options that combat tailgating and that use both one- and two-factor authentication, the Rock provides the most secure and accurate access control solution in the physical security industry,” Gaydarzhiev said. “And, because the Rock operates on a robust platform, we are also able to quickly provide solutions to needs that arise in the market, like facemask detection.”

Facemask detection was added in response to increasing mandates in more than 32 states all over the country calling for businesses to require all occupants to wear masks. The Rock detects whether a user who is seeking access is wearing a mask. If not, the system sends a notification to put on a mask and does not allow access. 

The Rock leverages facial authentication, 3D sensing and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable highly secure, frictionless entry into physical locations. It works with any access control solution or can be used alone. The platform respects privacy and relies on facial authentication that is transactional in nature, and does not collect or store individuals’ images unless they are enrolled in the system. Users self-enroll using current access control badges, Via AI-based continuous learning and improvement, the Rock “learns” the user and typically fully enrolls a user within just two to three encounters. After enrolled, users no longer need to use their badge unless it is desired as a part of a two-factor authentication solution.


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