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Alleged home security scam hits homeowners

Alleged home security scam hits homeowners

SPOKANE, Wash.—The Spokane County Sheriff's office is investigating an alleged scam involving Vision Security Systems, a home security company, according to multiple reports.

In recent months, employees from Vision Security Systems, a legitimate security company, have allegedly been telling citizens without security systems that the Sheriff's office received a grant that can pay for installation of new security systems. Homeowners have been told to change their system and sign contracts with Vision Security. The homeowners who have done so were then charged with a higher price than the contract stated, according to news reports.

In some instances, homeowners had charges with their original security system company and with Vision Security. The contract with Vision Security, according to officials cited in the report, is a 60-month contract that the homeowner has three days to cancel.

The Spokane County Sheriff's office indicated it does not have a contract for home security systems installation with any company.


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