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AMP Alarm responds to summer-model disdain

AMP Alarm responds to summer-model disdain

To the editor:

As an executive of a rapidly growing summer sales company in Orem, Utah, I can not help but to get discouraged with some of the remarks and polls taken by SSN. Is there an ethics issue with certain individuals? Yes. However, I think if members of the alarm industry understood the amount of effort and money directed towards doing everything we can to ensure that we do not have such individuals making a negative impact on the ethics of the alarm industry then the ideas and thoughts would be much different.

Based on the amount of customers we deal with and the sheer volume of accounts from summer sales companies, I don't feel as if the business model is operating in a wreckless manner. The business model can create large amounts of customers in a very short amount of time and along with this the service provided to our customers is done in a timely matter and our customer service takes second to nothing else we provide as an alarm company.

There certainly are those companies that leave a lot to be desired in many aspects of the business model, but it is no secret that those companies do not exist for any long-term capacity. The reasons for this is simply because they do not have the ability to comply with both city and state compliances. Coming from a company that desires to provide the best service and relationships with our customers, those companies frustrate us all. We do not condone any unethical activity towards any customer or potential customer that our employees reach out to. The biggest summer sales company in the nation provides some of the best customer service that I know of. This would be a very difficult thing for anybody to do with such high volume on a yearly basis.

In regards to “quality installations” I would dare say that we investigate and inspect a higher percentage of our installations than most alarm companies. At AMP Alarm we have provided top notch installations to our customers. We inspect over 30 percent of our installs and we keep and maintain records of such. We also have inspections being done by a secondary source on a weekly basis. We have very intense inspection forms that we abide by. We have an inspection pass percentage that represents our focus in quality.

The summer sales model is a model that performs well and we are always looking for better ways of giving our customers the most value that they deserve. In my opinion it is simply up to the companies themselves to comply with city and state laws and if there are individuals that do not comply with these same policies then the company should take action on that as AMP Alarm and many other summer sales companies do.

Thanks for the article provided, It is always good to discuss things in which some members of the alarm industry may not be fully aware of. I can assure you that there are many actions and efforts being performed on a daily basis to ensure that we generate accounts in an ethical manner and we do not condone otherwise. Thank you for your time.

Ron Bartholomew

AMP Alarm


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