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Announcing ESX 2020 TechVision, People's Choice Award winners

Announcing ESX 2020 TechVision, People's Choice Award winners Xandar Kardian wins TechVision; takes home People’s Choice award

ESX 2020 Awards

YARMOUTH, Maine—As the exclusive media partner with Electronic Security Expo (ESX) in announcing the 2020 ESX TechVision Challenge and People’s Choice Award winners, a “Shark Tank” style business pitch to identify the best product or service, the Security Systems News team is excited to share this year’s recipients. Traditionally held in conjunction with the in-person ESX conference, this year’s TechVision Challenge and People’s Choice Award proceeded as a virtual contest.

“We’re truly appreciative of the opportunity to present the 2020 TechVision Challenge program and introduce the People’s Choice Award this year, despite the unprecedented circumstances that postponed the in-person ESX conference,” said George De Marco, ESX chairman. "We’re so pleased to deliver these award platforms and recognition to worthy technology providers that will help our members improve their businesses and better serve their customers.”

On August 17-18, an esteemed judging panel of industry professionals collectively assessed the category winners during an interactive session. Judges grilled the presenters on value, ingenuity, purpose and business potential of the products and services they presented.

“The finalists were extremely well-prepared,” Steve Firestone, president of Select Security and veteran shark judge, said. “The technology presented was state-of-the-art, with tremendous upside from a business and market need perspective. These participants made our job as judges difficult, in the best way.”

Chosen for their innovative design, utility and market potential from the top ten rated category winners of the ESX Innovation Awards program, the following took home the wins:

2020 TechVision Challenge Winner: Xandar Kardian, Inc.
Smart Home System Using Radar and 2020 Innovation Award Category Winner: Smart Home

“Fun fact,” Sam Yang, managing director and co-founder fo Xandar Kardian, Inc. told SSN. “One of the first locations we’ve commercially deployed our technology was at an international airport — one of the largest in the world — for security purposes! Being able to detect presence by detecting human vital signs makes it [Radar] the most powerful presence sensor in the world. This led us to start focusing on this market from 2017, and naturally, the ESX Innovation Award was always something we wanted to apply for as we gained more traction around the world.”

When asked what being the 2020 TechVision winner means to him and his team, Yang compared it to the film industry’s yearly televised award ceremony.

“It feels like winning the Oscars for the security industry,” Yang exclaimed. “This is the first time we applied for the award, and having won two categories, we are extremely honored and excited at the same time. Winning the TechVision Challenge was a complete surprise and we are ever more grateful for the award.”

It took Xandar Kardian nine years of working hundreds of 16 plus hour days to get to where they are today, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“For years, people were confused about who we are and what we were doing,” Yang said. “But we had one goal: whether we are at work, traveling through an airport, sleeping in a hotel or living in our homes, people occupy space. A space is always static and people are always creating dynamic vibration from motion and breathing.”

Xandar Kardin’s belief is that what is used to secure banks and airports, for example, should be used to secure people’s most sacred place — their homes.

2020 TechVision Challenge Runner Up: Alula
Slimline TouchPad and 2020 Innovation Award Category Winner: Electronics/Control Systems/Networking

Alula is an all-in-one provider of security hardware and interactive services that offers Security Pro partners a cutting-edge platform to generate recurring revenue for security, video and automation services.

“We know the TechVision Challenge is where the security and IoT industry shows off the most innovative new products,” Dave Mayne, VP of product at Alula said. “The Slimline Touchpad is the hottest, most cutting-edge interface for the Professional Smart Security market in 2020.”

Being the 2020 TechVision Challenge Runner up, Alula took the chance to highlight their partners’ feedback.

“Our partners have told us the Slimline Touch is a system-seller that really ‘wows’ the end user, so we are honored that the Slimline Touchpad was voted in the Top 2 Most Innovative Security Products of 2020!”

2020 People’s Choice Award Winner:
On-Site Wrap Up and 2020 Innovation Award Category Winner: Installation/Service Tools

Because ESX Award winners are viewed as outstanding solution for the security industry, saw this as the perfect chance to demonstrate the extreme value the company brings to their partners, which positively affects technicians as well as end user customers.

“Working closely with our partners, we share a deep understanding of their day-to-day obstacles and what’s required to tackle them,” Adam Brandfass, product management director, explained. “Our team works tirelessly to develop and improve exclusive solutions, like our MobileTech application that addresses a variety of issues affecting both the technicians’ job and the partners’ business operations. This challenge presented a unique opportunity to demonstrate the value of one of MobileTech’s key features, On-Site Wrap Up, which we felt aligned perfectly with the objective of this challenge.”

To work closely with partners, to really listen, understand and then create solutions that genuinely help, teamwork is essential.

“Our team is extremely determined and passionate about helping our partners solve problems and improve their business,” Brandfass said. “Being voted the first-ever ESX People’s Choice Award winner is a testament to [our] hard work and also underscores the positive impact people see On-Site Wrap Up having within the security industry.”’s partners and their customers always come first.

“As is the case with so many other software and hardware solutions,” said Brandfass. “Features like On-Site Wrap Up result from open lines of communication we’ve established with them [partners] over the years. The feedback, ideas and perspectives we collectively share help us constantly evolve our solutions to meet the growing needs of our diverse user base. Exceptional service and high customer satisfaction are critical to the success of us all.”

ESX thanks all who contributed to the success of the 2020 Innovation Awards, 2020 TechVision Challenge and the new addition this year, the 2020 People’s Choice Award.

As one of the companies who took home a 2020 Innovation Award in the category of Commercial Automation/Control Systems/Networking, DICE captures the heart of all the awards.

“Winning the award would be great,” Avi Lupo, co-president, DICE, thought, “But, we also felt the Innovation Awards gave us a chance to share important information and this solution with the industry. Our team works hard on understanding the needs of security professionals and coming up with technology solutions to meet those needs.”

All winners share such sentiment: it’s all about the betterment of the industry, company partners and end user customers.


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