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Appomattox County Public Schools to deploy ZeroEyes

Appomattox County Public Schools to deploy ZeroEyes

Appomattox County Public Schools to Deploy ZeroEyes

PHILADELPHIA – ZeroEyes is rolling out yet another deployment of its gun detection platform for March at Appomattox County Public Schools (ACPS) in Virginia to protect students and faculty against gun-related threats.

Comprising four schools - a primary, elementary, middle, and high school - ACPS educates approximately 2,500 students annually. With a commitment to fostering a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students, the school has implemented several security measures in recent years. These include assigning individual School Resource Officers (SROs) to each school, facilitating comprehensive walkthroughs of all facilities by local and state law enforcement, installing exterior door alarms and student computer monitor software, and enhancing its after-hours surveillance system. ZeroEyes will be the latest addition to this multilayered security approach.

“School safety is of the highest priority right now, and to have a technology that could potentially save a life or stop a threat before anything happens made ZeroEyes a no-brainer for us,” said Philip Amos, Supervisor of Security and Technology, Appomattox County Public Schools.

Early this month ZeroEyes also announced the deployment of its platform to the Pontiac School District (PSD) in Michigan and Mount Pulaski Community Unified School District 23 (CUSD #23) In Illinois. With ZeroEyes platform layered on these school’s existing security cameras, If a gun is identified, images are instantly shared with the ZeroEyes Operations Center (ZOC). If ZOC experts determine that the threat is valid, they dispatch alerts and actionable intelligence — including visual description, gun type, and last known location — to local law enforcement and PSD staff as quickly as 3 to 5 seconds from detection.

"In the instance of a gun-related threat, first responders and school leadership must receive swift and accurate security communications to help them navigate the potentially deadly situation,” said Mike Lahiff, CEO and co-founder of ZeroEyes. “We are proud that ZeroEyes has been chosen to provide this type of situational awareness to Appomattox County Public Schools. Their proactive stance against gun violence is truly commendable.”


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