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Brivo launches financing program

Brivo launches financing program New program reduces upfront investment for cloud-based solutions

BETHESDA, Md.—Brivo, a global leader in cloud-based access control and smart apartment automation, launched its financing program, allowing customers to implement access control, multifamily, or video surveillance projects with little to no upfront investment.

"The Brivo Financing Program completes the promise of SaaS services by flattening the capital-intensive parts & labor aspect of security installations to match the flat payment stream of the subscription component,” Brivo CEO Steve Van Till told Security Systems News. “This has always been a challenge in our industry and we wanted to deliver them both with the convenience of a near point-of-sale workflow for our dealers and end users."

Van Till said the COVID-19 pandemic has created “a higher demand” for the adoption of new security practices to keep both facilities and the people inside safe.

“The pandemic has also disrupted revenue streams, and many businesses in pursuit of better security are struggling to implement solutions due to high upfront costs,” he said. “The launch of our new Financing Program eliminates this roadblock for companies and multifamily property owners, ensuring they can upgrade security to include the latest digital innovations while managing cash flow.”

Brivo points out that most organizations have access control systems that are three years or older but no plans to upgrade obsolete systems. The heightened need for security in a post-COVID-19 environment has created a gap for companies and multifamily buildings that need new systems but aren’t able to afford them. Brivo’s Financing Program addresses this void in the market with its manageable payment model.

The Financing Program is distinct from Brivo’s subscription service, Brivo Complete, which also removes the barrier of high upfront costs, as the Financing Program provides 12 to 72 month-finance installments rather than a recurring subscription. Projects, including labor and parts, that cost more than $10,000 can apply for financing and can vary from first-time cloud-based upgrades to initiating multi-site projects to integrating existing systems and beyond. All products in the Brivo price book, along with many third party components, are eligible for the Financing Program.

Customers interested in the Financing Program use the project proposal and quote they receive from an authorized Brivo dealer to complete an easy, online credit application. Applicants can expect a same-day credit decision.

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