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Brockton wants more surveillance

Brockton wants more surveillance

BROCKTON, Mass.—Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter is working on three video surveillance initiatives that he says will act to deter lawlessness and aid police in solving crimes, according to a report in the Brockton Enterprise.

One proposal would stipulate that establishments serving alcohol after midnight install a video surveillance system covering the inside and outside of their buildings. Failure to comply would mean that business would have to close at midnight.

Carpenter and Police Chief Robert Hayden are also asking various types of businesses on main streets and at major intersections to install security cameras voluntarily.

Another 25 businesses that are open between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.—convenience stores, gas stations, fast food restaurants and pharmacies—may also be required to install video surveillance systems.

Brad White, owner of Phoenix Security in Wilmington, said in a report that based on the proposed requirements, a smaller establishment such as a convenience store could spend $6,000 or $7,000 installing video surveillance.

Larger-sized businesses, especially those with significant parking areas, could spend much more, he said. To keep owners from going down to a big box store and buying a $400 set of cameras that will break down in a few months, White said strict oversight will be necessary.

Hayden said an officer will be designated to follow through with businesses to make sure they are in full compliance.


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