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California governor announces contract to install 480 new cameras in Oakland

California governor announces contract to install 480 new cameras in Oakland

California Governor announces contract to install 480 new cameras in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. – As part of several investments being made into public safety, California Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced a contract with Flock Safety to install a network of approximately 480 high-tech cameras in the City of Oakland and on state freeways in the East Bay.

In materials released to the public the governors office revealed that the camera network will use a patented technology that allows law enforcement agencies to identify vehicle attributes beyond license plate numbers, enabling the CHP, the Oakland Police Department, and allied agencies to search for vehicles suspected to be linked to crimes and receive real-time alerts about their movement.

“This investment marks another step forward in our commitment to bolstering public safety and tackling organized crime and roadway violence in Oakland and across California,” Newsom said. “With the installation of this 480 high-tech camera network, we’re equipping law enforcement with the tools they need to effectively combat criminal activity and hold perpetrators accountable — building safer, stronger communities for all Californians.”

Flock Safety is an Atlanta based security company that sells Automatic License Plate Recognition technology (ALPR) to law enforcement agencies and neighborhood associations. Currently, 290 of the new cameras are expected to be deployed on and around surface streets in the City of Oakland and 190 cameras will be deployed along state highways in the East Bay.

“Working alongside all our law enforcement partners, the California Highway Patrol is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all Californians,” said CHP Commissioner Sean Duryee. “These sophisticated cameras will make an important difference — and make the entire East Bay region safer.”

These investments follow up on California’s Real Public Safety Plan, a huge investment in public safety meant to curb the rise of organized retail crime (ORC), and other forms of theft around the state.

“Improving public safety and addressing quality of life issues in Oakland is my top priority,” said Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao. “This new camera network will help us stop crime and hold more suspects accountable. On behalf of all Oaklanders, I want to thank the Governor and the California Highway Patrol for their ongoing commitment and investments in the city.”


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