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California Highway Patrol seeks millions for Bay Bridge cameras

California Highway Patrol seeks millions for Bay Bridge cameras

OAKLAND, Calif.—The new east span of the Bay Bridge needs a security camera system, and the $31 million cost is expected to fall on toll payers, according to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle.

The price of installing a network of security cameras on the Bay Bridge, which links San Francisco and Oakland, was assessed at $31 million by the California Highway Patrol. This surprised members of the Bay Area Toll Authority committee, who had anticipated their allotment of $8 million would suffice.

Last week, the CHP presented them with a request for an additional $23 million to buy and install a security system on the 2.2-mile east span and to upgrade the existing cameras on the west span.

The CHP has recommended spending $26.3 million on the system, which would feature 175 cameras, including video, infrared and thermal imaging along with a control system and a telecommunications backbone. The additional $5 million would be spent to improve the existing camera system on the west span.


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