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Call Me, Call Me Any, Anytime

Call Me, Call Me Any, Anytime

Any time, any place, any day. A little Blondie to start things off. Our operators are ready to receive you, and if you hadn’t guessed it’s still a little quiet on the news front here. Everyone’s still in that holiday funk and trying to shake it off. Which is not to say there’s been no news, far from it! CES 2023 wrapped up this past week and we got a good look at the tech lineup for the coming year.

For example, Ring announced the arrival of their security camera for cars. “What took so long?” is probably your first thought, well they technically announced it about three years ago, and the last three years were….well you know. At any rate it’s one more affordable entry into the dash camera market. Which is by all accounts having a better time than wireless home security cameras at the moment, first Euphy, then Arlo, that corner of the industry is really taking a beating. A lot of disgruntled users are voicing their dissatisfaction at the number of options available to make the jump to. that’s my big hint for all you product designers and engineers, make hay and such.

There’s also the news that Chinese smart lock brand Kaadas is making their push into North America. Potentially a big deal for a lot of reasons, but what I’m wondering is whether that plays into any consideration from the justice department concerning it’s litigation with ASSA ABLOY. Their Q4 report is coming up in early February so we might know about that sooner rather than later.

Two big interviews coming up this next week as well. On Friday I sit down with ACRE CEO Don Joos, and on Tuesday I catch up with Russell Marino to hear how their entryway system from Athena Security is serving his school.

Of course if you’re reading this and you have big security news to share I’d love to chat with you too. You just have to…call me, call me any, anytime.

Or email, whatever.


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