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Cloudy forecast for SureView at ISC West

Cloudy forecast for SureView at ISC West

LAS VEGAS—SureView Systems, supplier of the video-centric central station automation platform Immix, unveiled a move to cloud computing at this year's ISC West with the release of Immix Cloud. It's a migration the company said will benefit central station clients.

“Immix Cloud is a private cloud-based product that will allow customers to distribute and monitor their sites through a browser-based application,” said SureView technical director Simon Morgan. “It allows a lot more flexibility so they can tailor services, depending on what their clients want.”

Immix Cloud is designed to deliver flexibility and mobility advantages for central monitoring stations, according to SureView COO Scott Haugland. Haugland said Immix Cloud should simplify IT deployments, customize service offerings and make user services available through mobile technologies.

“This is really the software platform for the future. We're paralleling the needs of our customers with advances in technology,” Haugland said. “It will be much easier to use and much more cost-effective.”

Morgan said Immix Cloud would allow central stations to offer security managers, end users and customers immediate access to real-time events and data using iPad, iPhone and Android applications.

Haugland said Immix Cloud would exist initially in a private cloud set up by Immix Cloud customers, but that plans were in place to move the platform to the public cloud toward the end of 2011.


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