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CYPFER executes European strategy, appoints Kadir Levent

CYPFER executes European strategy, appoints Kadir Levent

TORONTO and MIAMI – Kadir Levent has been appointed as the Managing Partner to CYPFER, managing the UK head office, serving the UK and European marketplace per CEO Daniel Tobok.

"The UK and European Union is under attack," said Daniel Tobok, CYPFER's CEO. "The geopolitical shift caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has produced deliberate inconsistencies in EU Member States' applications of international law governing cyberspace and adherence to the United Nations cyber norms framework which cannot go unnoticed or uncorrected."

CYPFERThe European Union has recently made strides against rising cyber crime and slipshod cybersecurity requirements for products with the introduction of the Cyber Resilience Act which seeks to strengthen and secure hardware and software products.

"I am delighted to join the CYPFER leadership," Levent said. "I have always had a deep respect and admiration for Daniel Tobok and his teams worldwide and look forward to providing my expertise and passion for the industry to CYPFER's offerings but understand and respect the task at hand is to restore the UK and Europe's relationship to business as usual inspire of cyber attacks and the actors behind them." 

Levent has history as a Digital Forensic Investigator for the Metropolitan Police Service. He’s also worked as a Senior Incident Response Specialist in London. His skills in cybersecurity and experience with senior executive roles in the digital forensics and incident response market makes him uniquely suited to the job according to Tobok.

"His (Levent) skills are unique and important for our firm and clients when responding to cyber incidents," says Daniel Tobok, CYPFER's CEO. "A concise and confident response requires strong cyber-intelligence leadership that embodies the investigatory, analytical and problem-solving abilities and Levent has been a leading demonstration of these abilities," said Tobok. "We look forward to our international expansion plans under Levent's leadership. With CYPFER's architecture and leadership, I trust our clients will grow more invincible and less vulnerable in an ever-growing cyber-intelligent world."

CYPFER is a global leader in ransomware post-breach remediation and cyber-attack first response. For more about CYPFER and their services you can visit


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