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Darktrace announces availability of monitoring service

Darktrace announces availability of monitoring service

Darktrace announces availability of monitoring service

CAMBRIDGE, UK – Darktrace is combating cyber vulnerabilities through information with the general release of its Darktrace Newsroom capability.

The AI-driven system is part of Darktrace’s PREVENT product line and continuously monitors open-source intelligence sources for new critical vulnerabilities and assesses an organization’s exposure through its knowledge of their external attack surfaces. Darktrace says It uses its “knowledge of self” to quickly assess which of its assets are potential affected by emerging vulnerabilities and provides mitigation advice specific to the operating organization.

Determining the size and scope of a vulnerability can be a huge burden to IT security teams involving constant monitoring of multiple news feeds and sources. Darktrace Newsroom monitors threat feeds and other open source intelligence with AI to find new vulnerabilities and post them on its Darktrace PREVENT dashboard as part of the newsroom feed. This frees teams up to be proactive against impending cybersecurity threats.

“From the moment a new vulnerability hits the headlines, it effectively sets off a ticking time-bomb which any security team will need to scramble to diffuse. The cadence of new vulnerabilities has made it impossible for human teams alone to keep up,” said Jim Webber, VP,  Enterprise Security and Fraud Management, Direct Federal Credit Union, a financial co-operative which provides savings, loans and a range of services to its members located in the N2 Innovation District in Needham, Mass. “As a security leader, the thing I want to know when a new vulnerability hits the headlines is, ‘Is my organization vulnerable? And if so, which assets are affected and how do I protect them?’ Historically, there was no way to do this quickly and accurately. Newsroom is a game-changer because it delivers those answers on a plate for you, fast.”

 Darktrace said that Newsroom was able to provide critical insights on several emerging vulnerabilities for early adopters, such as an unauthenticated RCE vulnerability found in Citrix Gateway and Citrix ADC, an RCE flaw, and more. Use of Darktrace Newsroom saved companies from potential data breaches and the associated fines and complications.

“Against the backdrop of rapidly expanding attack surfaces and rising numbers of new, critical vulnerabilities, Newsroom is a vital component in a security team’s arsenal of proactive capabilities,” noted Pieter Jansen, SVP of Cyber Innovation, Darktrace. “When news of a vulnerability hits, security leaders need to know how it affects them specifically before their CISO, or the Board, demands answers. This latest innovation shows our continued commitment to augmenting human capabilities by combining the intelligence of always-on, self-learning AI with the unique skills of human security teams.”


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