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Darktrace partners with Xage Security

Darktrace partners with Xage Security

Darktrace partners with Xage Security

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom – Cybersecurity artificial intelligence (AI) developer Darktrace, and Xage Security, a provider of zero trust cybersecurity solutions, have announced a new partnership.

In a release, the companies revealed that the partnership combines Xage Security's zero trust protection with Darktrace's AI-powered anomaly-based threat detection. The integration reportedly makes it easy to identify and respond to breaches in progress at any stage in operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) environments.

“Critical infrastructure has become an increasingly desirable target for threat actors, with ransomware attacks affecting 870 critical infrastructure organizations in 2022, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),” the official press release stated. “As these attacks can have devastating effects, including leaving entire regions without crucial resources like water or electricity, the need to secure OT environments is more urgent than ever. The ability for critical infrastructure providers to detect and respond to a cyberattack with speed and precision is essential because the services these organizations provide directly impact the day-to-day lives of citizens.” 

Darktrace/OT uses Darktrace's Self-Learning AI to learn every detail of an organization's OT systems, delivering increased visibility and detecting deviations to stop threats at their earliest stages. The Xage Fabric Platform delivers zero trust access and asset protection across an organization's entire environment. When adding Darktrace/OT, organizations using the Xage Fabric can gain a layer of protection with better informed anomaly-based detection, while Darktrace/OT customers integrating Xage Fabric can benefit from Xage's zero trust access control across the enterprise.

"Darktrace provides invaluable AI analysis of what is happening inside the enterprise, enabling early detection of suspicious user behavior. Pairing this level of anomaly detection with Xage Fabric's deep identity-enabled visibility and control over all interactions as well as ability to enforce and revoke access to mission-critical apps, workloads, devices, and data puts control back in the hands of the enterprise," said Roman Arutyunov, co-founder and SVP of product at Xage Security.

"The importance of zero trust security continues to grow as IT and OT systems become even more interconnected and OT security teams face an evolving set of threats from both inside and outside their organizations," said Denise Walter, chief revenue officer, Darktrace. "By bringing together Xage Fabric's ability to apply and enforce policies in any environment with Darktrace's AI-powered detection and response capabilities, we can help organizations protect some of the world's most complex and distributed critical infrastructure environments and enhance security of vital resources."

The Darktrace and Xage Security solution brief is available for download online at


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