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Dedicated Micros' reorg gives customers direct access

Dedicated Micros' reorg gives customers direct access DM chief clarifies role, wants to bring IP to masses

CHANTILLY, Va.—Among several re-organized companies at ASIS this year was CCTV solutions manufacturer Dedicated Micros, which was sporting a new executive line-up.

Company founder Mike Newton is now president of Dedicated Micros. Other newly named executives include:  Pauline Norstrom, VP; Nigel Petric, chairman of the board; John Bonsee SVP sales; and, John Dolan, VP business development.

Newton told Security Systems News his new role is one he's been filling unofficially for the past 18 months. The announcement is really to give integrators and end users clarity about “who's calling the shots,” and to underscore the importance of the North American market to Dedicated Micros, he said.

Newton will also remain in his current role as CEO and CTO of AD Group, the parent company of Dedicated Micros.

DM's goal, he said, is to “bring IP technology to the masses” and he's touting DM's new “deterministic Closed IPTV solutions” as a way to make IP-based surveillance technology “accessible at the mid-dealer range.”

Newton believes the adoption of IP cameras will accelerate to “30 to 40 percent of the market ... over the next one to two years.”

Because the North American market presents an important opportunity, about 10 weeks ago DM embarked on a series of road shows to educate integrators and end users about IPTV. “In addition to road shows, we regularly communicate with [partners] via email, we use YouTube for training, and do training sessions via WebEx,” said Pauline Norstrom, who in addition to being VP for DM is also a group board member and director of worldwide marketing for AD Group.

Norstrom said the company is also producing technical documents for integrators who are well acquainted with IP technology. Some integrators initially dismissed IPTV “as too simple,” she said. “But then they thought about this, and came back saying 'we like this, it's secure ... it's segregated.'”

AD Group, which is headquartered in Warrington, England, is a group of CCTV-solutions related companies such as: AD Aerospace, AD Aviation, AD Mobile, AD Network Video, ChipWrights, and D-Tec. Newton said he will split his time between the U.K. and DM headquarters here.

Newton said he's had a regular presence in the U.S. interacting with integrators and end users for the past six to nine months. Nigel Petric said the move is notable because it ensures that the integrators “have easy access to the senior members of the team.”

DM has not had a person in the role of president in North America since 2008 when former president Alan Calegari left that position. Subsequently, Mark Provinsal was the senior North American company official—in the role of EVP. Provinsal left in January to join Vicon.


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