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DICE announces new mass notification system

DICE announces new mass notification system Matrix SMS Check-In released in March

BAY CITY, Mich.—DICE on March 21 formally announced its new mass notification service, Matrix SMS Check-In, which is now available.

“This allows you to mass notify groups of people or your entire company,” Cliff Dice, company president and CEO, told Security Systems News. “This is our first venture into mass notification.”

The company initially developed the system for an oil company and other Fortune 500 companies. Beta testing ran for about six months, according to Dice, starting late last year.

The system also has applications within security industry companies, according to DICE. “Once we started telling some of our dealer centrals, they said, 'Well, this is great for dealers or dealers' customers.'” For example, an alarm company's entire customer base could be notified of a change to the dealer's policies—or the monitoring center's—at one time.

The Matrix SMS Check-In is available as a standalone offering but it can also be integrated into a monitoring center's software, the announcement noted. “When an alarm comes in, a text notification can alert the predetermined recipients for that particular event, allowing them to take immediate action within seconds of receiving the notification,” the announcement read.

The system's announcement highlighted a variety of use cases, including alerting traveling employees of potential terrorist activity, safety issues or lodging updates. It can also be used on a more local scale with universities, Dice noted.

The Matrix SMS Check-In benefits from DICE's use of IPtelX—an alarm industry focused telcom and DICE's sister company—as a carrier, Dice said.

DICE has also developed other SMS systems, such as its SMS CRM Gateway, which can allow alarm users to cancel alarms, cover past due payments or handle service appointments, among other capabilities.


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