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Dunbar leadership says recent acquisition enhances growth opportunities

Dunbar leadership says recent acquisition enhances growth opportunities

Dunbar leadership says recent acquisition enhances growth opportunities

HUNT VALLEY, Md.—Dunbar Security Solutions’ recent acquisition of Integrity Systems, Inc. has its top officers thinking big. Dunbar was big before the deal was announced in October, but now Chief Operating Officer Andrew Maggio and President/CEO Kevin Dunbar see growth potential and market opportunities that can help their firm better navigate a tricky economy.

“This was our first systems integration acquisition,” said Maggio, noting that the acquisition expands Dunbar’s geographic reach from the company’s original site in Baltimore into D.C-Metro and Northern Virginia markets. Dunbar Security Solutions is acquiring all assets of Integrity Systems Inc.

The market for services provided by a bigger, more diversified Dunbar firm is robust in the Mid-Atlantic region. And although the competition is intense, Dunbar’s top officers say they focus on doing things well first before looking towards expansion.

“For us, it’s not the speed (of growth),” said Dunbar. “It’s quality. We provide quality, and we’re not running at 90 miles per hour. You can’t get quality that way.”

“You grow off of quality services, not setting our sights on increasing sales by X percent,” Dunbar added. “We do discuss opportunities (for growth).”

Those services include security assessment, cyber risk management, penetration testing, incident response, planning, intrusion detection and security awareness detection.

Maggio described the D.C-Northern Virginia region as an “A-plus-plus-plus market,” emphasizing that Integrity Systems’ customer base fits perfectly with the one established by Dunbar. Referring to Integrity’s track record, Kevin Dunbar said his firm was attracted to “Their history of 20-plus years of customers staying with them.”

A month ago Maggio noted that back in 2019, “We set a goal to duplicate our dual service approach from Baltimore to our presence in the greater Washington region, and we are proud to announce this acquisition to mark the completion of this goal.”

Recently Maggio said, “This gives us the ability to deliver sustained growth in the physical (infrastructure) security service line.”

“This company is installation driven,” said Dunbar. “We are installers.”

Both Maggio and Dunbar like the timing of the Integrity acquisition, given the uncertainties of the U.S. economy as the business world -- along with governments at the state and local levels -- struggle their way out of pandemic restrictions.

Moving forward into 2022, the biggest concern for Dunbar Security Solutions, by far, can be summed up in one word, according to Kevin Dunbar: “Hiring.” The nationwide labor shortage has not spared the security industry.

Offering cautious optimism, Maggio observed that October job creation, nationwide, increased by half a million new hires. “The optimism I see comes from the densely populated areas,” he said. “Our urban (job) vacancies are down. Off the beaten path, in rural areas, it’s a different story.”

Although he has seen wage increases in various industries range from 12 percent to 20 percent in recent months, Maggio said he would describe his big-picture economic outlook as “lukewarm.”

The outlook for Dunbar Security Solutions, however, is bright, according to its senior officers. “The talent is here,” said Kevin Dunbar.


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