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Embattled fire marshal resigns

Embattled fire marshal resigns

I blogged here a few months ago about a Connecticut fire marshal and how contracts his wife won for her fire alarm company, Pull Stations, raised conflict-of-interest questions.

Now, according to a June 1 news report, fire marshal Brian Badamo resigned this week, shortly before the Board of Fire Commissioners was to hold a meeting to review the results of a town of Hamden, Conn. investigation into whether he had violated any rules.

Here's more from yesterday's report from the HamdenPatch, a local news site:

“Badamo came under scrutiny last November when several complaints were filed, including one alleging that he strong-armed a local condominium community two years ago to purchase a fire alarm system from a company his wife owned. He also allegedly failed to reveal his wife's connection to the company when it was chosen to install a system at the Miller Memorial Library, the New Haven Register reported.

A special meeting of the Fire Commission was scheduled for Wednesday night to discuss the results of that investigation but Badamo tendered his resignation.”

According to news report, Badamo has been off work on workman's compensation since last November and wasn't available for comment.

The HamdenPatch reported that town Mayor Scott Jackson said Badamo indicated in his letter of resignation that it was “in the best interest of himself and his family to resign.”

The news site said that the town's investigation of Badamo, which reportedly cost $80,000, is complete, but has not been released publicly.


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