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ESX announces 2023 Executive Leadership Workshops

ESX announces 2023 Executive Leadership Workshops

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—The Electronic Security Expo (ESX) has announced its 2023 Executive Leadership Workshops, led by John Maxwell Leadership. These intensive leadership workshops have been built around NY Times best-selling author John Maxwell’s method for teaching leadership and influence.

The 2023 Electronic Security Expo takes place June 5-8 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville. 

ESXIn business, everything rises and falls on leadership. Executive Leadership Workshops will help you establish a culture of leadership, improve collaboration and relationships, as well as get your team on a path of growth and development. 

The Executive Leadership Track will include a networking lunch for security and life safety technology leaders, followed by two workshops: 

The Art of Influence:  

During this session, Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member Carolyn Hutsen emphasizes the importance of the Art of Influence and how an individual’s degree of influence affects their daily leadership experiences and interactions. Hutsen will share how to elevate leadership levels, growing and modeling personal and professional leadership.  

The Power of Asking the Right Questions:  

In this session, Hutsen will help attendees learn how to improve connections and, therefore, their teams, as well as develop more efficient ideas to help them manage, grow, and head up their businesses. The goal of this session is to increase productivity for attendees and strengthen their leadership culture and productivity. 

As the saying goes, “It can be lonely at the top.” But it doesn’t have to be. The ESX Executive Leadership Track is an opportunity for connecting, learning, and growing with other C-suite operators and owners of electronic security and life safety companies. 

Motivation, drive, tenacity, and strong communication that trickles down throughout the organization is sparked. The 2023 Executive Leadership Track is an opportunity to collect insight and connections in one intensive afternoon that will enhance and recharge your leadership approach. 

“Great leaders create a positive impact on their people and their organization. Leadership training should not be underestimated, especially since most people don’t have natural leadership characteristics,” said ESX Chairman George De Marco. “Carolyn Hutsen is sure to inspire you to hone your leadership skills and encourage your leadership team to become better at decision making, communicating, problem solving, and adaptability.”

For access to the Executive Leadership Workshops along with nearly 30 additional educational sessions, main stage events, food functions, networking/social opportunities, and the expo floor, register for the Executive Pass here – 


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