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Everbridge acquires IDV Solutions

Everbridge acquires IDV Solutions Combined company to deliver improved Critical Event Management platform

BURLINGTON, Mass.—Everbridge, a software company focused on critical communications and enterprise safety based here, acquired IDV Solutions in late January.

“One of the beauties of this acquisition is that it was an acquisition of an existing partner with an existing integration, an integration that is already working out there in the real world and being used by a variety of customers,” Imad Mouline, Everbridge's CTO, told Security Systems News.

Everbridge purchased IDV Solutions for “$18.7 million in cash, with additional time and performance-based cash payments that could total as much as an additional $8.7 million,” the company announced Jan. 31. IDV Solutions will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Everbridge.

“The capabilities that Everbridge has developed and is continuing to develop, combined with our threat assessment and visualization technology really helps drive a much more powerful value proposition for our customers and for the market," Scott Morrison, EVP of marketing for IDV solutions and Everbridge, told SSN.

“From an IDV perspective, this is really great news for our customers, our employees and our partners,” Morrison said. The deal also gives IDV Solutions enhanced technological and financial resources, he said, and paves the way for deeper integrations with Everbridge's offerings.

IDV Solutions' technologies contribute to Everbridge's CEM platform, which was first rolled out in 2012.

The platform works in three stages. “First, I need to be able to even detect the fact that there is something that I need to pay attention to.” The platform collects more than 100 sources of information, including threat data, social media, traffic cameras and information and monitoring information from IT systems.

“Then, we give you visibility into all your assets, all of your people, all of your systems, and anything that may impact your brand,” Mouline continued. For example, if there is a critical event in one city, the platform looks at both the number of employees in that city or are headed there based on their travel itineraries.

“The next thing that we do is allow you to act, allow you to make certain decisions,” Mouline said. “Whatever standard operating procedures you have to deal with these types of events, we can then automatically launch them.” There are typically three groups of people to be contacted in a critical event, he said, including responders, those who are impacted, then those who should be informed.

The CEM platform was also enhanced by Everbridge's previously announced acquisition of Svensk Krisledning AB, a Swedish software company that developed Crisis Commander. Incorporating Crisis Commander “really helps extend the capabilities in the mobile collaboration, task assignment, and response management capabilities during critical events,” Mouline said.

Everbridge was founded in 2002. Mouline said that the Everbridge mission is two-fold: “to help keep people safe and help keep businesses running. Part of what we deal with is any type of critical event that might disrupt a business—disrupt an organization of any type—or ultimately put people in harm's way.”

Everbridge has 3,500 enterprise customers including “24 of the top 25 airports in North America [and] eight of the top 10 investment banks based in North America, but on a world wide basis,” Mouline said.


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