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Fingerprint engages in fraud prevention with launch of Smart Signals

Fingerprint engages in fraud prevention with launch of Smart Signals

Fingerprint engages in fraud prevention with launch of Smart Signals

CHICAGO – Device intelligence platform Fingerprint has announced the launch of Fingerprint Pro Plus, featuring the company’s latest innovation and tools in fighting and preventing fraud.

The innovation, named Smart Signals, provides real-time, actionable intelligence that builds on Fingerprint’s browser and device identification signals which more than 6,000 companies use for fraud prevention. With bad actors always working on new ways to conceal their identity, Fingerprint said that platforms and decision engines used by companies have to be smarter and adapt quickly to changes in browser and mobile application technology. Identifying those fraudsters is a job that Fingerprint says its uniquely qualified to do and has its share of supporters.

“Fingerprint is a critical piece of our workflow and Smart Signals will enhance accuracy further,” said Pierre Roudaut, senior engineering manager, Fraud at “We’re excited to expand our Fingerprint usage to continue to identify fraudulent payments within our system.”

Security Systems News reached out to Fingerprint CEO and co-founder Dan Pinto about the work the company is doing with Smart Signals. “Device identification empowers businesses to protect their site while providing a more customized user experience. Identifying unique visitors provides organizations with in-depth intel into user behavior, overall website/app growth and emerging trends,” he said. “This level of intel helps businesses detect – and combat – fraud. As fraudsters find new ways to conceal their identity, understanding visitor behavior is imperative. Businesses can catch bad actors with device intelligence, preventing account takeovers and managing fraudulent payment transactions.”

He adds, “For businesses, device identification plays a crucial role in effective bot detection. With the continuous evolution of fraudulent activities carried out by bots, understanding visitor behavior becomes essential in distinguishing between real users and automated bots. By leveraging device intelligence, businesses can access real-time data to identify and block malicious bot activities, such as spam and identity theft to denial-of-service attacks and click fraud bot activities.”

Pinto also described the importance of device identification in providing personalized user experiences, and how it can be used to skip onerous security measures like multifactor authentication. Information gleaned in these processes, he said, can also give businesses the ability to personalize users shopping experiences in eCommerce settings while ensuring the security and privacy of user information. “By implementing an accurate device identification solution, businesses can protect against fraud, build trust with users and optimize their platforms for a seamless and personalized experience,” Pinto said.

Smart Signals uses a set of signals that isn’t used in legacy fraud prevention solutions which provide deeper insight into anonymous visitors. Smart Signals are used in conjunction with the Fingerprint Pro Plus visitor identification capabilities to offer users actionable insight with tampered browsers or when a VPN is used. Fingerprint called the new feature set, “a game-changer” for companies that need more timely, accurate data to fight fraud and bolster analytics strategies.

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