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Fire department auctioning old fire-alarm system

Fire department auctioning old fire-alarm system

ASHLAND, Wis.—In the days before cell phones and sophisticated electronic alarm systems, residents here dashed to the city's fire alarm boxes to call for help in an emergency. The relics, which sent telegrams to the fire department and triggered a series of bells, are now being sold on eBay to raise money for the department.

“If you look online, these items are kind of a novelty and can be pretty pricey for collectors,” department Chief Wayne Chenier told The Ashland Daily Press. “We've already sold one for $192. The money will be put back into the fire department budget so that if we need a piece of equipment, we'll have extra money.”

The Ashland Daily Press reports the Ashland Fire Department has already stripped copper wire from the old system, replaced in 2007, and used the proceeds to purchase new recliners and help fund a new system. The department has sold about $3,000 of old or excess equipment to pad its budget this year.


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