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Firefighters patrol library after faulty alarms found

Firefighters patrol library after faulty alarms found

HAMDEN, Conn.—Firefighters are patrolling the stacks of Miller Memorial Library because alarms were installed incorrectly and the system does not work, according to a Nov. 19 local television news report.

Firefighters will continue to monitor the library during all business hours until the building is brought up to code, News 8 reported.

The library's fire alarm system was replaced a few years ago and must be checked yearly, according to the story.

The system was installed by Pull Stations, a company owned by the wife of former Hamden Fire Marshal Brian Badamo, according to the story. Pull Stations contracts raised conflict-of-interest questions for the fire marshal, who resigned in 2011.

The work necessary to get the building's fire systems up to code could cost taxpayers as much as $70,000, according to News 8.


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