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Freeus starts PERS University

Freeus starts PERS University New educational content will be exclusive to the company’s dealers

OGDEN, Utah—Freeus, an mPERS manufacturer based here, will be offering dealers education on how to enter and grow in the personal emergency response system space, called PERS University. Freeus will offer webinars, videos, one-on-one guidance and marketing materials.

“There's so many people wanting to get into the medical alert business today. … Many people are looking at it—they're not sure where to start,” Arthur Von Ahnen, Freeus' new business account executive and PERS University instructor, told Security Systems News. The PERS University would benefit “pretty much anybody getting into the medical alert business,” Von Ahnen said.

Von Ahnen began his career in the security industry in 1978. After almost 30 years of working with security companies, Von Ahnen focused on the medical alert industry. He sold more than 10,000 medical alert systems and is now leveraging that experience to help Freeus dealers.

The University will cover a variety of topics valuable to dealers in the space, such as talking to a senior about a PERS system, website design, and finding the right people. Freeus may create additional content based on what its dealers want to hear about, Von Ahnen said.

The University will be exclusively for Freeus' dealers, Freeus' GM Brock Winzeler said, and will be accessible through the company's dealer portal. Dealers could use the content as a resource in training new hires, Winzeler noted.

“We're trying to further our goal of becoming the one-stop shop for dealers that want to be in the medical alert business. They have the opportunity to open up a dealership with Freeus, and they have all of the tools that they would need in order to be successful. They have the right products, they have the right service and monitoring,” Winzeler told SSN. “We are investing in our dealers, investing in their success, and hoping that this will strengthen our partnerships with them.”


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