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Genesis recommends HDVR for IP migration

Genesis recommends HDVR for IP migration

GERMANTOWN, Md.—Genesis Security Systems, a security systems integrator based here, is helping its clients understand that the time is ripe to migrate from analog to digital IP video. The integrator believes an HDVR solution that employs both analog and IP technology may be the best means for making the transition smooth.

“As the number of manufacturers making and supporting analog cameras and recording equipment dwindles, and with the majority of analog recording equipment reaching the end of its five-year useful life, 2013 is the year to upgrade to IP cameras,” Alan Kruglak, Genesis Senior Vice President, said in a company statement. “Since many firms are also upgrading to Windows 7, upgrading cameras and operating systems now means less disruption.”

While companies do not have to dispense with their entire existing investment and start from scratch, Kruglak says, the transition isn't as simple as swapping out analog cameras for digital. “There's a smart way to do it, and a smart way to take advantage of the higher resolution and other capabilities that IP cameras offer,” he says.

HDVR is a sound solution for now and in the future, according to the statement, because it allows companies to manage both analog and IP cameras simultaneously, occupies a small portion of rack space, and integrates with the Software House access control platform, as well as with the Windows 7 network.

“Digital video camera technology isn't the future,” Kruglak says. “It's the present. The time to make the switch is now.”


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