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Genetec ‘takes to the cloud’ with new Security Center SaaS solution

Genetec ‘takes to the cloud’ with new Security Center SaaS solution

Genetec ‘takes to the cloud’ with new Security Center SaaS solution

LAS VEGAS – Genetec recently launched its new enterprise-grade SaaS platform, Security Center SaaS, as well as connection direct-to-cloud with the latest Axis Communications, Bosch, Hanwha and i-PRO cameras. 

Based on an open platform architecture, Security Center SaaS brings an organization’s existing access control and camera hardware to the cloud through a new range of Genetec Cloudlink appliances, facilitating the migration of security systems to a modern hybrid cloud architecture, while maximizing existing security investments, the company says.  

“On the heels of the announcement of our new product Security Center SaaS, we introduced some really great new partnerships, and sort of partnerships that have been existing but now we're kind of taking them to the cloud,” said Andrew Elvish, vice president, marketing, Genetec. “Our partnerships include Axis on their Access Cloud Connect platform, so we did a lot of work with them in the development of our Security Center SaaS platform to help seamlessly and cyber securely onboard access cameras into our new product. We (also) announced integrations with i-PRO. i-PRO is deploying cameras that will work across the range of all their different cameras on the Security Center SaaS platform.” 

At ISC West 2024, Security Systems News sat down with i-PRO Americas Product Director Adam Lowenstein to discuss the latest cameras in the company’s X series, which he described as the most advanced to date. 

“We did the same thing with Bosch, and what's really interesting about Bosch is that Bosch isn't just putting one camera as a direct-to-cloud camera, they're going to be delivering their entire range of new cameras on the Genetec Security Center SaaS platform, so those will all work in a direct-to-cloud configuration,” he said. “And finally, a great partnership announcement with Hanwha. Hanwha has their new camera, which will be directly cloud working directly on our platform. That'll be shipping in the next two or three months, so really exciting new partnerships coming out and all really around this move to software as a service and cloud deployment direct-to-cloud cameras.” 

Security Center SaaS is available in all regions and will begin shipping May 30. 


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