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Hakimo introduces AI-powered remote guarding solution

Hakimo introduces AI-powered remote guarding solution

MENLO PARK, Calif.—Hakimo has announced the expansion of its suite of physical security monitoring offerings with its AI-powered remote guarding solution.

The Hakimo remote guarding solution uses AI to monitor cameras and enables communication through speakers to deter unwanted visitors, offering more effective, lower-cost security than an on-site guard. Increased crime rates, acute staffing shortages and macroeconomic conditions are forcing organizations to explore smarter ways to strengthen their physical security posture while cutting costs.

HakimoFor organizations from small to medium-sized businesses to global enterprises, the Hakimo remote guarding solution provides the ability to protect the perimeter, remote areas, high-value outdoor assets, parking lots and executive residences. When it detects unwanted activity such as a person entering an area where they do not belong, it enables communication of live or recorded audio warnings. This combination of automated monitoring and response helps security teams save time and money while proactively deterring and preventing security breaches from occurring.

Enterprise security operations teams can monitor video events with the same Hakimo alarm monitoring interface they use to monitor access control events, offering a unified solution. In addition, enterprise executive protection teams that typically operate separately from enterprise security teams can use the same platform to monitor executive residences instead of deploying on-site guards, helping enhance security and reduce costs while providing efficiencies across the organization.

The Hakimo remote guarding solution supports an optional monitoring service for businesses that do not have an enterprise-grade security operations center through Hakimo’s collaboration with Global Guardian Asset Security. Global Guardian Asset Security is a provider of security monitoring services with a UL-listed, dedicated 24-hour monitoring center.

“Remote guarding provides the most efficient and complete security coverage while keeping costs under control,” said Sam Joseph, co-founder and CEO, Hakimo. “Through our partnership with Global Guardian, we’re thrilled to offer this solution that allows organizations to reduce their guard footprint, or even eliminate it completely, without sacrificing security.”

“Our monitoring center is held to the highest possible safety standards,” added Andrew Vanderburg, president, Global Guardian Asset Security. “We’re excited to work with Hakimo to help organizations in need of security protect their property and physical assets.”

Hakimo is a technology company that builds a smart physical security monitoring platform powered by artificial intelligence. Hakimo was founded by AI researchers from Stanford University and is funded by top Silicon Valley venture capital firms. For more information, visit or follow Hakimo on LinkedIn and Twitter. 


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