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Hernando County School District expands ZeroEyes deployment

Hernando County School District expands ZeroEyes deployment

PHILADELPHIA – AI-based gun detection video analytics platform ZeroEyes announced that a Florida school district has significantly expanded its deployment of the company’s software solution.

The Hernando County School District of Brooksville, Fla., has followed up on its one-year anniversary of the successful deployment of ZeroEyes by layering its detection platform on its existing security cameras in more than 10 facilities. In addition to detection, the company said its product will issue alerts to safety personnel and will provide actionable intelligence to local law enforcement and security staff for situational awareness.

“In active shooting drills conducted over the past year, ZeroEyes has demonstrated that it significantly reduces response times, which is critical for saving lives,” said Jill D. Renihan, director of safe schools, Hernando County School Board. “As gun-related incidents continue across the nation, we feel strongly that the entire district can benefit from this proactive solution.”

“We are very proud that our proactive tool has met and exceeded Hernando County Schools’ expectations,” noted Mike Lahiff, CEO and co-founder of ZeroEyes. “We will continue to provide the same customer service and support that they have come to expect as we work together to protect students and faculty against gun-related violence.”

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