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Hobbs, New Mexico, opts to deploy ZeroEyes AI gun detection solution

Hobbs, New Mexico, opts to deploy ZeroEyes AI gun detection solution

Hobbs, New Mexico opts to deploy ZeroEyes Ai gun detection solution

PHILADELPHIA – ZeroEyes, creator of an AI-based gun detection and video analytics platform,  has secured another town this week in its efforts to protect citizens against gun-related threats.

Following a year of successful deployment of the ZeroEyes platform at the Hobbs Municipal School District and careful evaluation, the city of Hobbs, New Mexico have chosen to deploy the solution and layer it over the town’s existing digital security cameras. With ZeroEyes’ gun detection platform, the city will instantly have images shared with ZeroEyes specialists at one of their ZeroEyes Operation Centers (ZOC) when the system detects an illegally brandished gun.

“We believe the implementation of ZeroEyes within the general public will help deter and reduce crimes involving firearms,” said Reanna Alarcon, public information and community relations officer, Hobbs Police Department. “We would like to thank the City of Hobbs for investing in this program and the additional protection for the citizens we serve.”

Hobbs, NM is a town of over 40,000 people with 19 schools in the district. That includes a combination of elementary, middle, and high schools in which ZeroEyes is utilized in all of them. Security Systems News (SSN) asked representatives of the Hobbs Police Department what about ZeroEyes appealed to them after seeing its deployment at their schools.

"We saw a program that made us feel secure and we feel will make our community feel safer,” said Sgt. Brendan Ingley of Hobbs PD. “This was a tool that we wanted to implement in more of our community (not just something that our school district is doing) to extend that security throughout our city. The best thing a government body can do for their people is take a proactive stance and try to prevent critical incidents, versus reacting to them. We are so thankful to our city leaders for making this program happen for our community."

“Criminals have become increasingly emboldened over the past few years, and it needs to stop now,” Mike Lahiff, CEO and co-founder of ZeroEyes said in their official release. “With ZeroEyes deployed throughout the city of Hobbs, law enforcement will receive not just an immediate warning any time a gun is illegally brandished, but actionable intelligence so they know exactly what kind of situation they are walking into.”

SSN has covered several deployments of ZeroEyes in recent weeks including most recently their deployments with the UMC Health System, and the Valley Baptist Church, we asked ZeroEyes Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Sam Alaimo about the volume of requests they’ve had coming in recently and how they’ve been managing. "As gun-related incidents continue to increase in the US, people are becoming more interested in technology that can inform law enforcement before a shot is fired. We are the most trusted and vetted provider of left-of-bang gun detection solutions, and are proud of the number of active clients willing to vouch for us," he said.

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