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Honeywell integrates SureView's Immix for simplified access control

Honeywell integrates SureView's Immix for simplified access control More RMR opportunities for dealers

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—Honeywell on Oct. 12 announced SureView Systems, a central station software manufacturer, has joined the Honeywell Open Technology Alliance. The collaboration with SureView offers integration between Honeywell's WIN-PAK CS 4.1 access control and the Immix central station automation platform, enabling video and access systems from various manufacturers to be displayed using a single graphic user interface and providing more opportunity for RMR to dealers.

“Sureview allows us to link competitive alarm and video systems with Honeywell access control into the Immix interface where operators can make informed decisions based on the information presented,” said Honeywell senior marketing manager John Smith. “The Immix integration gives central stations the ability to add access and video monitoring services to existing digital alarm accounts, building new recurring revenue streams and addressing new customer opportunities.”

The Immix platform provides remote access control without the need for onsite guard staff by capturing alerts and alarms from the onsite access control system and automatically integrating those alerts with the facility's CCTV system. Honeywell's WIN-PAK CS 4.1 provides what the company says is a cost-effective and easy-to-manage central station access control solution for businesses, while providing security dealers with RMR opportunities.

The collaboration means simplified operations at the central station and more opportunity for dealers.

“On our side, we're making operations at the central station more efficient … We like to think that we make Honeywell's product offering stronger, and they do the same for us,” said SureView COO Scott Haugland. “What the market has determined in the last six to 12 months is that we're the gateway: We make the central compatible with all the legacy equipment looking backward and now it's compatible with all the Honeywell equipment going forward.”


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