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Hotel evacuates guests due to faulty fire alarms

Hotel evacuates guests due to faulty fire alarms

SCRANTON, Pa.—A Clarion hotel here shut down Tuesday night because of problems with its fire alarm system, according to a report from

The hotel had a small fire in its basement last weekend and the fire alarms did not go off. Mike Seitzinger, the city's director of inspections and permits, went with firefighters to the hotel and found that the electrical panel that controls the fire alarms was not working.

The hotel may have been without fire protection for weeks or even months, the report said.

On Tuesday, the hotel had to evacuate more than 70 guests because of the faulty alarm system.

“It's dangerous … As of the other day they had 75 occupants or patrons of the building, that's 75 people not including employees that are at risk because there's no fire system,” Seitzinger said in the report.

The hotel, which passed its recent inspections, is required to test its new alarm system before it can reopen.


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