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Icontrol expands its developer program

Icontrol expands its developer program Company credits cloud integration capability for the six added companies

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—Icontrol added Honeywell, LG Electronics and other big names as integration partners in early January.

All Icontrol dealers can now connect devices from these partners.

“One of the big technology trends that we've implemented in 2015 is this ability to integrate at the cloud level,” Greg Roberts, Icontrol VP of marketing, told Security Systems News. “That makes our ecosystem very open to new technologies and new use cases.”

In addition to Honeywell and LG, Icontrol announced adding SkyBell, Vinli, Bttn, and WeatherBug to the program in January. All six of these companies utilized cloud-level integration, Roberts said.

All of these integrations will be available for independent dealers on Icontrol One as well. “The Icontrol One platform will embrace all of these members of the Icontrol developer program and the go-to-market solutions that we offer now and in the future,” Roberts said.

“These are established brand names with very interesting mass-market use cases that we think fit nicely into our ecosystem and complement our platform,” said Roberts.

Icontrol has been working in the cloud, and completing cloud-level integrations, for a while, Roberts said. The company publicly announced its capacity for cloud integration in October 2015, according to Roberts.

Icontrol launched its developer program five years ago, Roberts said. The company currently has more than 100 devices integrated into its platform and more than 50 companies in its developer program.

Icontrol can also integrate with any ZigBee, Z-Wave or Wi-Fi device. “The end product is very similar; whether you're integrating into our router … or at the cloud-level,” Roberts said, cloud integration is just easier in some cases.

“We're merely making it very easier for their cloud to talk to our cloud, and vice versa. The beauty of it is that it doesn't disrupt their direct-to-consumer business,” Roberts said.

The company attended CES in January and saw interest in the developer program. “At CES we were overwhelmed with the interest from connected device and application providers that want to be part of this momentum.”


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