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IDIS guide details video project opportunities in hotel sector

IDIS guide details video project opportunities in hotel sector

IDIS guide details video project opportunities in hotel sector

COPPELL, Texas—A newly released eBook from global security company IDIS details how consultants, systems integrators (SIs) and security planners can leverage video surveillance in the hospitality and hotel sector.

Entitled Seizing New Opportunities for Video Solutions in Hotels and Hospitality Settings, this latest eBook from IDIS is available as a free one-click download.  

Helping to deliver new projects and surveillance upgrades in the sector post-pandemic, the guide looks at the varied range of hotel and lodging options available to guests throughout the United States.

The year 2022 is expected to surpass comparable 2019 growth, with Statista predicting an annual compounded growth rate of 16.63 percent resulting in a projected market volume of $117,865 million by 2026. Now is the time for savvy hotels and their systems integrators to meet this resurgence and evaluate the potential value that video surveillance can deliver beyond compliance requirements, including safety and security.

Consumers today typically demand a higher standard of safety and security when selecting a hotel, and video surveillance technology is one of the most powerful and flexible tools operators can use to counter vulnerabilities. It is important for them to mitigate risks as failures can quickly lead to direct losses, rectification costs, reputational damage, and loss of future business.

Today’s surveillance solutions are perfectly designed to meet this challenge, with technology options designed for luxury resorts, boutique detestations, and short stay hotels, assuring protection without compromising on the welcome experienced by guests. For many hotel operators and their on-site management teams, video solutions are also the foundation for optimized service efficiency, giving extended visibility and control over all aspects of their operations, front and back of the house.

Hoteliers are looking to reimagine the visitor experience and re-engage with customers, while improving operational agility and resilience. Well-designed video systems together with AI-powered analytics are among the most effective management tools available and are increasingly giving hotels a competitive advantage. They allow staff to be better allocated and to work more efficiently, delivering benefits that go beyond security for a rapid return on investment.

“As hotel owners and operators look to open new sites and upgrade aging infrastructure, it’s important that security is designed to deter, detect, and defend without creating a fortress,” said Jason Burrows, Regional Sales Director at IDIS America. “Now is also the right time to evaluate the transformational potential of deep-learning analytics, in what is becoming a fiercely competitive market.”

The IDIS Hotels eBook can be downloaded from the IDIS website which now hosts several informative eBooks to support security technology decision makers.




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