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Intaleq receives OpenBlue Pioneers Award from Johnson Controls

Intaleq receives OpenBlue Pioneers Award from Johnson Controls

CORK, Ireland – Johnson Controls have announced that Qatari based services and solutions provider Intaleq is the recipient of their OpenBlue Pioneers Award.

Intaleq is being honored for the creation of their new intelligent digital command center. “Intaleq has demonstrated an understanding of the potential of digital transformation, driving connected technologies and a shared commitment to innovation,” Johnson Controls wrote in a press release.
“Johnson Controls worked closely with Microsoft and Intaleq to bring this new digital solution to life for the World Cup Qatar 2022.”

Johnson Controls has said that Intaleq’s command center connects all eight World Cup stadiums and is powered with OpenBlue and Microsoft Azure. It provides real-time situational awareness and incident management which they say will deliver one of the safest World Cup events ever. Before the advent of Intaleq’s digital solution large scale sporting events were forced to rely on multiple systems and operators to coordinate data analysis and incident response. Thanks to Intaleq’s interactive “digital twin” system and workflow automation tools that inefficiency will be a thing of the past.

“Digital twins, which are digital replicas of physical entities, enable an in-depth analysis of data and the potential to monitor systems to mitigate risks, manage issues and utilize simulations to test future solutions,” Johnson Controls wrote. “The use of digital twins plays an important role in helping building operators find the root cause of issues and solve problems faster and can support COVID-19 safety and security protocols, as well as help building operators increase energy efficiency.”

"We are changing how we manage the security, safety, comfort and dynamic intelligence of sporting arenas and embracing digital innovation," said the Chairman of Intaleq, Abdulaziz Al Mahmoud. "We are delighted to receive this award and continue our work with Johnson Controls and Microsoft as this new technology keeps fans, staff and players safe for the biggest sporting event in the world, the 2022 World Cup."

Ticket sales are approaching 3 million with an expected 1.2 million visitors at the World Cup, nearly half the population of Qatar. To learn more about the OpenBlue Pioneers program please visit


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