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Integrators '20 under 40' 2016—Michael Giloni

Integrators '20 under 40' 2016—Michael Giloni

Michael Giloni, 32

VP of security technology, Reliant Safety

New York

Michael Giloni says the “most rewarding part” of his job is that through Reliant Safety, LLC, he gets to improve the security and the lives of families living within affordable housing.

“On the manufacturer side you don't see the impact of what you are doing, whereas here on the integrator side, doing installations, you see the immediate benefit,” said Giloni. “We have our own security team and guard room, and we do the monitoring on our cameras as well, so I see e-mails around 20- to 30 times a day on different things that have taken place at these affordable housing properties—vandalism, assaults and shootings, for example—where the police need to get involved � and ultimately we create a better way of life for those living in these neighborhoods.”

Giloni said that Reliant, whose parent company is Omni NY, was created to install and maintain surveillance cameras and access control systems for a property owning company, “so we were created to do it all internally, and within the past year we decided to offer our services as a third-party company as well,” he explained.

He runs the group that does the installation and maintenance for projects. “I also evaluate the new technologies to figure out what we should be using and see how these new products can improve our offerings and better serve ourselves and our customers as well,” he said.

Giloni started in the security industry nearly 10 years ago at Aventura Technologies, which sells a variety of DVRs, equipment and cameras—“everything that you need for an installation,” he noted. “I started out doing tech support and after a couple of years I was put in charge of software development for a few years, and I also worked as an IT manager for another company before getting back into security with my current job, which I have been at for about a year.”


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