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Intelligent Buildings announces partnership with Tempered Networks

Intelligent Buildings announces partnership with Tempered Networks

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —Intelligent Buildings, a company focused on Smart Building advisory, assessment, and managed services at scale for new projects and existing portfolios, announced its selection of Tempered Networks for a key aspect of its Vendor Risk Management Services, strengthening its managed service approach and revolutionizing building Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity.

According to Intelligent Buildings, this approach leapfrogs traditional complex VPNs and mismatched IT solutions in terms of security, ease of management, and cost efficiency.

By leveraging Tempered’s Airwall platform, Intelligent Buildings effectively secures the disparate and fragmented operational systems and IoT sensors found in commercial buildings, such as HVAC, access control, elevator, lighting, parking, and others.

Intelligent Buildings’ managed service for commercial property owners and managers is a turn-key offering that integrates and simplifies a wide range of vendor risk management services for existing building systems and networks that are proving to be more vulnerable to cyberattacks and local mismanagement.

“Tempered Airwall technology has allowed us to deliver the most secure remote access solution for critical endpoints in our managed security service offering for owners and managers, whether they are corporate, REIT, government, healthcare, or higher education,” said Greg Hoogerland, President of Intelligent Buildings. “We had very demanding requirements for our remote access solution, including 1:1-only connections that were invisible to the Internet and hackers, elimination of all personal use like social media, and true plug-and-play deployment into any facility environment with any level of skill sets found in the staff, all at a much lower cost structure than competing IT approaches so that it would fit into property management budgets.”

As stated in National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) research, many IoT building system devices interact with the physical world in ways conventional IT devices usually do not. To effectively access, manage and monitor these environments while ensuring business continuity, decision-makers must treat remote access differently while also emphasizing the local systems’ setup, including passwords, backups, and software updates, as well as contractor and staff policy compliance to manage phishing and ransomware threats. Tempered’s Zero Trust approach provides a proven way to address the unique remote access needs, while fully enabling Intelligent Buildings’ system and policy management services.

“Intelligent Buildings is delivering a valuable managed security service as a turn-key operation for commercial building owners and managers of any scale that addresses the growing need for advanced threat protection in a more connected world,” said Jeff Hussey, Founder and CEO of Tempered Networks. “With Tempered Airwall at the heart of their remote access service, they are providing an important partnership for us to reach this large and growing market, as well as validating the best-of-breed security offering organizations can deploy today.”

Tempered and Intelligent Buildings have already successfully deployed in portfolios across North America with groundbreaking speed and cost structure. To learn more about these deployments and how they may apply to your portfolio, please visit:


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