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Kimberlite sets new national record

Kimberlite sets new national record Company’s central station has most assisted apprehensions

FRESNO, Calif.—Kimberlite, the largest independent Sonitrol dealer, in 2014 had the highest apprehension rate of central stations that release annual figures, determined by Kimberlite's research.

“We finished [2014] with 1,081 assisted apprehensions out of our central station,” Joey Rao-Russell, president and CEO of Kimberlite, told Security Systems News. This figure represents, not incidents, but individuals apprehended by police as part of Kimberlite's service, Rao-Russell said.

“[In] other central stations, I have never heard of anybody having that kind of record,” she said. 

The company tracks its apprehension rate through its policy on alarm verification. “We are 100 percent verification in our central station—we don't do conventional monitoring,” she said.

Kimberlite's market mix played a role. “We do a tremendous amount of schools and government agencies, which are high visibility targets, often times for vandalism and burglary.”

Providing accurate information to law enforcement helps Kimberlite build a positive relationship with law enforcement, Rao-Russell said.

Kimberlite held a celebration on March 4 for its staff, where “the senior management [served] dinner and [catered] to all of our shifts,” Rao-Russell said.

“It's a really nice time, and it's fun to get to interact with everybody,” she said. The event also included handing out gift cards, commemorative jackets and thank-you cards.

Kimberlite is approaching its goal of $1 million in RMR, Rao-Russell said, noting that the company finished 2014 with $989,000 in RMR. “All of our growth has been purely organic and none has been done by acquisition,” she added.

Kimberlite has 6,077 accounts, across its operating territory which “goes from northwest Los Angeles, up through the central valley and northern California,” according to Rao-Russell,

Rao-Russell also noted that the company of 110 employees is entirely employee-owned.


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