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Micro Key, SureView integrate to bring centrals single interface for burg, fire, video

Micro Key, SureView integrate to bring centrals single interface for burg, fire, video

KISSIMMEE, Fla.—Micro Key Solutions and SureView systems have come together to make life easier for the central station operator through a marriage of their Millennium and Immix automation platforms.

“The big thing now with Millennium and Immix is that whatever the dealer has for video technology—no matter the receivers—it's transparent to the user. It just doesn't matter anymore. Whatever they've got, it will work,” said Micro Key marketing consultant Gary Slavin. “A lot of solutions out there now—and even some of our earlier attempts with Millennium—you needed to have the video interface, you needed to have the burg or fire event and then the operator had to physically make that connection. The good thing is that this is a single interface. Now you've got the operator looking at one screen for a seamless display of the burg and fire with the video.”

The combination of Micro Key's Millennium and SureView's Immix provides one tool for monitoring all types of burglar and fire alarms as well as video and access control events from a single platform. Slavin said the integrated platform enables central stations to handle all possible technologies that dealers need to support, enhancing both Micro Key's and SureView's offerings.

“Connecting our two databases with a single interface has simplified receiving video and alarms for our users. We have several companies that selected our solution because they wanted to add video verification and more advanced video services, but didn't want to have to manage two platforms,” said SureView COO Scott Haugland, in a release.


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