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MicroPower offers integrators financing option

MicroPower offers integrators financing option Tynan: Shift from a capital expenditure to an operating expenditure can speed installation, results for end users

SAN DIEGO—Wireless surveillance provider MicroPower is offering a new financing option designed to speed projects along and create RMR opportunities for integrators.

For a limited time, MicroPower will offer financing for the installation and product cost of its Helios surveillance system.

The financing can work in a number of different ways, according to Dave Tynan, MicroPower VP of global marketing and sales. “The end user can finance through us and we pay the integrator, or they can work through the integrator and the integrator may add a software as a service [fee, or maintenance agreement] and wrap that into the deal.”
For example, Tynan said, the financing would work well for a college security director who has an immediate security problem on a campus parking lot. Assume the problem could be addressed by adding four extra cameras to an existing campus security system or hiring extra guards. If this parking lot required trenching to install cameras, the security director will likely opt for extra guards instead of cameras, Tynan said.

Why? The simple answer is cost, he said. If those four cameras require trenching, MicroPower estimates that the project cost, including installation, could cost $125, 000. To secure capital funds for that project “could take months, maybe years,” Tynan said. The guards, on the other hand, could be paid for out of the college operating budget.

Tynan believes that MicroPower's products and this financing option would provide a cost-efficient system for such a college security director and a business opportunity for the integrator.

Because MicroPower's Helios system is wireless, there is no trenching involved, so Tynan estimates that the installed cost for a four-camera system tied into an existing VMS in this hypothetical college parking lot would cost $18,000, and it could be installed within one day.  Also, because the system is financed, the funds could come from an operating budget, he said.  

“That way the end user can immediately address the issue,” Tynan said. He said this is a “new approach” that integrators can go back to existing customers with and “the cost of acquiring that customer is dramatically reduced,” he said.


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